nowa ?
nowa is a responsible brand

nowa is a Belgian brand that combines fashion with recycling. We believe that everyone is entitled to choose an accessory and change it whenever they want, without having to create more waste each time. That’s why we think about the end of the product’s lifecycle and how it can be recycled as we design our accessories.

nowa is also …
a fashion accessory brand

nowa is also a fashion accessory brand that makes your life easier, at the same time as adding that extra little something to make you smile! With nowa, your accessories will be functional, but more importantly, they will surprise you every day, so much so that you’ll never want to do without them!

Ceci n’est pas un portefeuille !

Our belgitude is also a key part of our graphic and visual identity, as our surrealist friend René might have said : This is not a wallet!